We circumscribe our philosophy exclusively to understanding and advising our clients. Our goal is to determine their needs, accomplish their aspirations and beat their expectations. Closely assisted by professional suppliers, venue managers, artist performers, photographers and technical stuff, Belsta can make dreams become reality and turn each event into a memorable experience.


Belsta can easily adapt to its clients’ exigencies by wholly or partially preparing all the events (either full organization of the event or just the presence of collectors or the press).


Our dedicated in-house team of professionals provides extensive expertise, empowering us to create events and parties fit for all occasions. So whether you're an individual or an organisation and whatever kind of event you have in mind, you will find we have skills, experience and passion to turn your vision into reality. We believe that a truly successful event demands creativity, innovation, originality and glamour , with us you will get all this in abundance.


Belsta art and events has set up and fully managed the PR campaigns through social media platforms: television, radio and target press. With a comprehensive press list of over 250 contacts of different publications, the company ensures complete press coverage for each particular event.