Talent and endeavor nurtured Andreea Belba’s passion for art and Cosmina Stan’s propensity for events management materialized in the foundation of Belsta art and events.


With master’s degrees in contemporary art and respectively in events management, the founders have strengthened a warm and tight relationship with their clients worldwide owing to their highly personalized approach and careful assessment of each client’s interests and goals. 


Belsta art and events is an innovative provider of exquisite services aiming at making every single detail perfect by impeccably planning and organizing successful events.


Our exclusive clientele comprises over 2,000 clients and collectors as Belsta efficiently resorts to expertise and contacts to arrange private art views, organize exhibitions and performances, custom made events and management, brand and art consultancy.


Belsta carefully chooses its locations around the world such as hotels, art galleries, private member clubs, restaurants, maisons, loft apartments, penthouses, etc. in order to create a unique and refined art atmosphere.