Art should be accessible to everyone and appreciated on a daily basis. Therefore, empty walls in exclusive restaurants, hotels or other fantastic venues could be decorated with the artwork of talented artists. Our company’s platform facilitates venues to discover which art aligns with their décor and client demographics and develop their potential to monetize space by selling art to their clients.


Belsta has developed collaborative artwork with high end venues primarily in London including a number of Michelin star restaurants,members clubs and boutique hotels.

One of our major concerns is to add significant artwork values to any venue with low financial outlay so as by changing the artwork on a six-month basis to keep the venue fresh and vibrant.

Our network spans 1,000’s of artists, galleries and dealers globally that is we can essentially source any artwork upon request from Renaissance to Damien Hirst.

Our ambition is that you become the destination venue for art collectors which is certainly a huge market of high net worth clientele.


We provide art for any type of event or venue on a  short or long term bases .