Our organizational skills foster agreeable and enjoyable art adventures for our clients. Guests of the events will be offered an extra guided tour by the curator, then they will be welcomed by our team of professionals having the chance to meet and talk directly with the artists in the relaxing atmosphere of a private venue.

Getting quick access to a broad network of outstanding artists, gifted tastemakers, academics and press, Belsta art and events cumulates the valuable experience of two accomplished art-world and events management experts and their associates under a new and original concept.

Belsta art and events is not only specializing in art consultancy offering art advisory and collection management services to corporate and individual clients worldwide but it also cultivates other art related businesses.

Our company assists and guides its clients at all acquisition stages offering completely flexible, high-touch approaches. In addition to advising, Belsta works with established artists, art masters but also with emerging young artists from all over the world. We carry out various curatorial projects in residential and commercial venues that operate as a bridge between several leading art locations: London, Monte Carlo, Paris, New York and Dubai.